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Saturday, May 31, 2008

9 weeks and no puking..

Is that kind of a crude title? sorry.

As people often ask pregnant women..."how are you feeling?" I am happy to respond that I have been feeling great and have had no morning sickness! This answer has gotten me many a dirty look from past pregnant women, and current pregnant women! One friend that I ran into at mass on Sunday (she is a few months along with child number 7 or 8 maybe) said to me, "if you aren't going to have morning sickness, then you need to have 12 kids!" I am perfectly ok with this, although it might work a little easier if I have 2 at a time every once in a while. I am not that young anymore!

So, yes I am 9 weeks today and one of the many websites I read about what my baby is doing in there has told me that the baby is now the size of a strawberry and officially called a "fetus" now...well I would like to skip the term "fetus" all together and stick with BABY! Let's be honest, call it what you want, but the miracle inside of me is a forming human being! A BABY, A LIFE...created by God (by the cooperation of my husband and I of birth control or contraception needed!) Sorry, little soap box there for a a second....

Anyway--so yes, today I am 9 weeks and feeling great. I am looking forward to seeing a belly start to form, which I understand is a few months off yet, but, it will be fun to look down and see a belly and not just the fat that has been my belly for the better part of 30 years! =)

I'm off to shoot a wedding today...first wedding since discovering the miracle inside...I look forward to doing many more weddings and photo shoots as the kids keep coming...gotta put them through school somehow, if I am going to have 12! I'll post some of the wedding pics later!

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