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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kristin + Johnny are Married!

It was through an interesting turn of events that I met Kristin and Johnny and I know there is no question that God orchestrated it all.  I know that may seem weird when it comes to finding your wedding photographer, but I will tell you I know God plays a role in my business.  All of my clients are special to me and I am so honored that they would invite me to be a part of their special day.  I love that I get to know my clients during the months leading up to their wedding so that when their wedding day comes I am a friend, not just a stranger with a camera.  I get the opportunity to pray for them leading up to their wedding day and be with them in those special moments seconds before they say I do.  It is truly and honor and I am humbled that God has blessed my business with such amazing clients to work with.

It is so important to me that I have a connection with my brides and grooms and that they have one with me. That connection shows in their images that I am able to capture.

When I first met with Kristin and Johnny we had so much fun!  Kristin and I found out that we had so many things in common and we laughed so much.  The two of them were so dang cute together that you could feel their love.  I couldn't wait for their wedding day!!

It was such a beautiful day!  Everyone was relaxed and joyful! As Johnny turned and saw his bride during the first look he was practically speechless as he took in her beauty! Then as she walked down the aisle, his eyes may or may NOT have been dry...and I might have been crying behind my lens as well.  The joy on their faces as they exchanged vows was contagious!

There was no question that their love and joy spread to their wedding party, as they made the day full of laughter! I am so grateful for a fun day celebrating two amazing people as they began their life together!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Courtney + Bryan are getting MARRIED!

I met Courtney when she was a student at Franciscan University, in fact, I think she was one of the first people I met. As the years went on, she moved to Georgia, I moved to Indiana and who would have thought our paths would have crossed like this again.  Her fiance had moved to Indiana over the summer and he actually lived with us for a few weeks.  We immersed him in family life with 4 kids!

Then this past fall they got engaged and are getting married in May! I even got to see the diamond before she did! It was an honor to pray for Bryan leading up to the proposal.

I was so honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding! It means so much when a friend asks me to capture the special moments, the family memories and the beginning of their life together.

I can't wait for your big day in May, Courtney and Bryan!

We had a lot of fun this afternoon during their engagement session and I am excited to share them with everyone.  You can see their joy and their love in their eyes!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mini Session: Collins Family

I have just been posting my mini-session sneak peaks on Facebook in an album, but since I have gotten back to blogging, this one was different.

I met Mary right after we graduated from high school. We spent two weeks together at Franciscan University of Steubenville serving on the Workcrew for the High School Youth Conferences. It was a life changing two weeks. We prayed, we worked, we learned, we sang, we laughed, we made friendships. Some that would last a short time and some a long time. Many of those friends I kept in touch with through college as pen pals, some I lost touch with as the years went on. I reconnected with some of them when I worked at Francsican and some I would reconnect with years later on Facebook.

Mary was one of those friends who I wrote back and forth with in college for awhile, and then lost touch with, until we found each other on Facebook. Then one day last year she messaged me and asked me to call her. She had been living out east and she, her husband and five children were considering moving to Indiana! I was so excited and couldn't wait for their arrival and to reconnect in person after so many years. They arrived in May and enrolled their kids at the same school where our kids attend.

I remember my time with Mary during Workcrew and she was a lot of fun, easy to get along with and made me laugh! She was someone I wanted to be friends with and as an odd one out, not knowing anyone else that week when I arrived, I was grateful that she welcomed me in. It has been so delightful to have her in our church and school community (even though we don't hang out nearly life is busy!).

I was so excited when she asked me to do their family portraits. Here are just a few of my favorites, but it was sure hard to chose only a few!

Mary--thank you for your friendship, thank you for welcoming and friendly spirit! Let's have coffee soon!!!!

PS the last image is my FAVORITE!!! (Smarty Pants thought he was smart by not making a funny face in ANY of the silly pictures! I found that funny!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wright Family 2016

I met Nichole about six ago, shortly after we first moved to Indy. My friend Alle recommended her as a new hair girl for me and we hit it off right away. I think I was pregnant with #2 at the time and she was about to get married. We have had so much fun together and I look forward to our regular visits as she makes my hair look beautiful! The added bonus is that over the years she has not only been my awesome hair girl, but we have become friends! We share a love of wine, coffee, and good Italian food! We have seen each other through pregnancies and crazy kid stages. We may be at odds when it comes to favorite football teams, but I can see past that for a fellow Italian!

This is the 3rd year that we have done a family session for them, and by far the BEST that her daughter has done for me. We were sad that her husband had to work late, so we mostly focused on pictures of the kids this time. So DANG CUTE!

Katelyn Gossard: Class of 2017

I first met Katelyn when her older sister got married. It was one of my favorite weddings, because we just had so much fun with that bridal party! I laughed a lot and enjoyed spending the day with such a great group of people. Katelyn was one of the girls who kept me laughing the most!! She has a great sense of humor! Now all grown up and getting ready to graduate!