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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What does the color red say?

There is no question that I am a passionate person. When we moved into our house I insisted on painting something red! It was just a matter of which wall my husband would agree to. When I was watching the Nate Burkus design show this morning he talked about how your house should reflect your personality, and so I stopped to think about our house and how the one thing I knew I wanted both in the first house I bought and this one…I wanted red walls! Red is the color of passion and I have passion! So…which wall got adorned with a beautiful deep shade of red? My office! I love it! You walk up the stairs and your welcomed into the warm, deep hue that draws you into my passion of photography. (I am actually doing some re-decorating and will post pics when it is done)

There is also no question that I have the ability to multi-task and would rather do that most moments of my life. Life is too short sometimes to just do one thing at a time! Perfect example…my old housemates used to tease me, because I could never just sit down and watch TV, I always had to be doing something while I was catching up on the latest sitcoms. Scrapbooking, editing photos, writing thank you notes, framing pictures, folding laundry….the tasks go on and on. Even as I set and write this, I am drinking tea, eating a light snack, and well I decided to finally turn off the TV because it was distracting my thinking. I will admit, after playing with 2 small children all day, while cooking dinner, cleaning up toys, editing photos, and doing laundry, now when I sit down to watch TV at night after the kids are in bed…I often just watch TV.

The other day I was chatting with a children’s portrait photographer and I told
her that I was a primarily a wedding photographer and she got this crazy look on her face. She said life was too short for her to ever consider doing wedding photography. I on the other hand, love them! And I realized how my passion and my multi-tasking really comes in handy for shooting weddings. You have to be passionate about weddings in order to give up your Saturdays to take part in someone else’s wedding day. You have to be passionate to enjoy experiencing all of those special moments over and over again with a new couple and a new family every time. You have to be able to multi-task as the non-stop schedule of the day keeps you on your toes! Taking pictures of the flowers while making sure you are listening to the conversation of the bride saying she is ready to put her dress on and watching the clock to make sure she is at the end of the aisle when needed to meet her groom at the top. I thrive off these kind of fast-paced days! Good thing I am a mom of two little ones!

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