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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our dear little one...

I sensed your presence even before I knew you existed…

The Father hid me in secret to create you in secret within me…

Your namesake became your first intercessor as I stood before St. Therese and asked her to pray for our baby.

As the truth about your life was revealed, Daddy and I were overjoyed!

We delighted in the miracle that our loved formed into flesh, by the Grace of God.

Your grandparents, aunts and uncles were bursting with excitement as they learned about you

Friends and loved ones saw and recognized the glow on my face before I could even share the news.

Daddy joyfully said “hello” to you often and prayed over you at night.

At mass my hand was always near you, as I prayed that you would always know the love and glory of God!

Your presence within my womb was a daily comfort and joy!

The day we heard and saw your heartbeat, your precious life changed ours!

You grew more and more each day, as our love for you grew more and more as well.

Then, again in secret, God had a divine plan, and He answered my prayer for you to know His love and glory.

He called you home to rest in His Sacred Heart…

He called you home to be the reflection of Daddy and I, interceding before His glory.

He called you home to be among the communion of saints in the heavenly choir.

Daddy and I were so sad to hear the news and rejoiced in the promise of our faith.

We longed to hold you in our arms and look into your eyes and have peace knowing that Jesus embraces you and that you are looking down upon us.

Even though among us for so short a time, God has a plan for you for all eternity.

Now as I go to mass and feel the emptiness in my womb, I know you join us as we sing, “Holy, holy, Holy!”

We had a mass to celebrate your life and so many friends and loved ones came to pray.

The grace of God was present with His peace as tears of sorrow and joy were shed.

We buried you with love and a dozen red roses as we prayed for you to be welcomed into the Kingdom.

Daddy and I held each other as we went to bed that night, thinking of our little girl.

As I fell asleep I had an image of you, running with excitement in the sun…

Your long, dark, hair following you and the flowers on your dress of yellow and blue…

As the tears fell down my face, Daddy brought me into his embrace…

Reminding me that you are so excited to be in Heaven…the only home you will ever know!

Intercede for us, dear Therese Marie, our little saint…

As you praise with the saints and angels before God’s glory!

We love you…Always & Forever!


Tricia said...

Rachael, That was beautiful! You are both in my constant prayers!

Heather said...


Thank you for writing! I am sorry to hear about the loss of Therese Marie. Your prayers and strength are both amazing and admiral. You are in my prayers.

I really look forward to keeping up on your life through the blogging world. Thanks for finding me :-)


Jenny said...

You are so beautiful Rachael.