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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting back to blogging....

I know I haven't written as much lately...getting back into blogging has been a bit slow since the miscarriage. As I had planned on this being a pregnancy blog, topics of what to write about have been few and far between, as you can see.

I must say had almost made it a whole week without crying..until last night. We went to a beautiful wedding! While we were at the reception I noticed how many pregnant women and young families surrounded me. Not only were there 3 pregnant women in the bridal party, many of the friends that were at the wedding were graduates of Franciscan who had all come back fro the wedding with their 2, 3, and 4 children! Most of the parents all younger than Brian and I!!

This scenario did not bode well for my emotions! As we headed to the buffet line, the tears showed up. Brian noticed me watching a little baby in front of us. I looked at Brian and lost it. It was a bit awkward as we stood there in line, and I just wanted to run out of the room and sit in a corner and cry! Brian just held me as I regained my composure.

It's not that I am overjoyed for all the beautiful young families, and the couples who are expecting their bundles of joy, it's just that it is so hard to be faced with it in such close quarters after experiencing our loss.

Again, I rely on our faith, and trust in God that He has a reason for everything. I have hope in knowing that our little girl is praying for her mommy and daddy as we go through this grieving process. I delight in the Lord in His mercy and Love, knowing more than we do, why we needed a saint in heaven.

As a popular praise and worship song says, "though there is pain in the offering...Lord, blessed be Your Name!"

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