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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look who's 2!

I can't believe 2 years have gone by already since Jacob was born! Time flies when we are having fun! He turned 2 a week ago today and I am amazed at how much his language skills have picked up in this past week! He is now putting two words together and my heart melts each time as he says "Please, Mama!" or "Thank You, Mama!

Along with being a parrot and repeating everything we say, he is picking up actions very quickly as well! In one day he learned to do "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and he loves it, always asking, "Again?"

Another thing that I have loved to witness is how much he loves his baby brother. He has become even more aware of Luke lately, and gives him hugs and kisses, and even wants to hold him. Hence, I finally got a good picture of the two of them. One of my favorite sounds is, there is a certain laugh that Jacob does when he is playing with Luke, so when I am in the other room and I hear that laugh, I know exactly what is going on. But, I do have to peek in, not only to catch the brotherly love that is going on, but to make sure that Jacob is not smacking Luke in the face! =)

We did a two year photo shoot today, so here are some of my favorites! You can check out the rest on my Facebook page.
Jacob got lots of trains for his birthday, which has resulted in hours of entertainment!

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