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Thursday, December 29, 2011


One of my most treasured photographs is one of my paternal grandfather, Poppa and I. I was probably about 6 months old when this photograph was taken in my grandfather's backyard. This photograph hung in my grandfather's house for year's and it moved to my possession after he passed away several years ago.

While I was growing up I fondly remembering seeing Poppa hold all of the babies of the families and how much he loved holding them. My fondest memory is of him holding my baby sister, and I saw him rocking in the chair and he was crying as he was holding her. I remember asking my parents why was he crying? They said it was because he wished Grandma could be here to hold her, too. My grandmother had passed away about a month after my sister was born, and only got to see her once right before she died. I dreamed of Poppa being able to dance with me on my wedding day, as he did with my older cousins, and to hold my children like I saw him do with all the other babies in the family. I am grateful for the memories and I now rock Jacob to sleep in that same rocking chair!

So, I have decided to recreate this photography with my boys and their when Jacob was 7 months old, we recreated the scene with my dad and brother. (in the original, the guy in the background is my cousin Steve. I wanted him in the picture, but he was not around at the time, so my older brother Adam was a great stand in.)

Then this Christmas, I thought I need to do this again with Luke, and this time, I am able to get Steve in the scene this time!

I know that my boys will treasure this picture with their Poppa as much as I treasure the one with mine!

The original was taken when Jacob was 5 months old and it just made us laugh so hard, because of the face he made.
We took this one this Christmas and were again surprised at the face he made without being prompted.

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